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HTML5 for Masterminds




We are on the verge of a revolution. The web is becoming the main developing platform and the primary source for information and software. In recent years, mobile devices have turned Internet applications from possibilities into necessities, and now computers that work exclusively on the web are being developed and sold. The software for the web is getting more sophisticated than ever and is replacing desktop applications once and for all. This level of change is both experimental and radical, and HTML5 is making it possible.

HTML5 for Masterminds leads the reader step by step to gain essential knowledge and to master complex subjects included in the HTML5 specification. After reading this book, you will know how to structure your documents with HTML5, how to style them with CSS3 and how to work with the most powerful Javascript APIs.
This book is not an introduction of HTML5 but instead a complete course that will teach you how to build compelling websites and amazing web applications from scratch. Every chapter explores basic concepts as well as complicated issues of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Concepts are supported by fully functional codes to guide beginners and experts through every single tag, style or function included in the specification. The codes are distributed throughout the book in a specific order to gradually introduce complex subjects and make them accessible to everyone.
The goal of HTML5 for Masterminds is to make you familiar with the most advanced technology for the web. It was developed to prepare you for the future, and it was written for the genius inside you… for Masterminds.


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Free Download iFaith v1.4.2

ifaith v1.4.2



iFaith is updated to v1.4.2 to support the recently released iOS 5.1 and also includes some bug fixes. iH8sn0w’s iFaith is a peace of software works to Save SHSH Blobs for currently installed iOS on your device, which is required for the process of downgrading to previous versions of iOS.



Download iFaith v1.4.2 for Windows



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Great Registry Hacks

Today I am going to tell you about 5 great registry hacks which will help you improve your system features and performance.

1. Security:
USB Drives are one of the major tool through which data transfer takes place. In order to protect your data from getting stolen from you computer with the help of a USB drive you can make the USB drives read only.
Go to ‘HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies‘ and create a new DWORD value ‘WriteProtect‘ and set its value to 1. This will enable you to read from USB drives, but you won’t be able to copy data to it.

2. Sorting Files:
Quite often you want the files to appear according to their names in explorer. In order to restore the ASCII file ordering, perform the following hack :
Go to ‘HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Policies\Explorer’ and create a new DWORD value called as ‘NoStrCmpLogical’ and set its value to 1.

3. Speeding Up Menu loading time:
In order to make your menus load faster, perform the following tweak.
Go to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\Desktop‘ and right click ‘MenuShowDelay’ and click ‘Modify’. Change the string value to some nearby 100 value.

4. Reducing Folder Accessibility Time:
To speed up the access to any folder that is pinned to start menu, perform the following hack
Go to ‘HKCR\Folder\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers’ and right click ‘ContextMenuHandlers‘ and click ‘New|Key‘. Type ” (blank space and no quotation marks) and press Enter. Select any folder and right click on it to select ‘Pin to Start Menu’ while holding Shift key.

5. Multiple Logins in Messenger:
By default you are allowed only a single login at a time on Live Windows Messenger. You can override this by
Go to ‘HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsLive\Messenger’ and create a new DWORD value ‘Multiple Instances’ and its values as 1.

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Check Whether Your PC is Male or Female

Today I am going to discuss about an amazing trick using which you
can easily find out whether your pc is male or female. To find out
whether your computer is male or female just follow the steps given
Step 1 : First of all open Notepad.
Step 2 : Now type the code given below in notepad:
CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"i love you"
Step 3 : Now save the file as computer_gender.vbs. (you can save the file with any name like anything.vbs)
Step 4 : Double click the file to run it.If
you hear a male voice, your computer is a male and if you hear a female
voice then your computer is a female. So what are you waiting for? Check
now whether your computer is male or female.

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Demo Video

If you are feeling overwhelmed with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developerpreview, and Messages beta for Mac which are released few hours back by Apple then you must visit OS X Mountain Lion Sneak Peak page to check out the video demo of these releases.
“Inspired by iPad – Re-imagined for Mac

You’re about to use your Mac in all-new ways with OS X Mountain Lion. Because it’s designed with innovations from iPad and it works even better with iCloud. And that makes everything you do on the Mac smarter, easier, and even more fun.”

You can watch OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion video demo at Apple’s official page.

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